Giacomino Drago is the youngest of eight children from the small town of Galati Mamertino in Sicily’s Messina region where the family grew and made almost everything they ate; from pressing olives to make olive oil, to making fresh cheeses, to watching his father make wine from their own vineyards.

Drago Events

4th-Floor-Formal-Table-Setting 4th-Floor-Formal-Table-Setting
1st-Floor-Formal-Sit-Down 1st-Floor-Formal-Sit-Down
3rd-Floor-Bar-Setup 3rd-Floor-Bar-Setup
3rd-Floor-Cheese 3rd-Floor-Cheese
4th-Floor 4th-Floor
4th-Floor-Layout 4th-Floor-Layout
Bar-Service Bar-Service
Bookig-Now Bookig-Now
Caterer Caterer
Catering Catering
Catering-Dishes Catering-Dishes
Caviar-Plates Caviar-Plates
Celestino-Drago-Food-Preparation Celestino-Drago-Food-Preparation
Cheese-_-Char-1 Cheese-_-Char-1
Cheese-_-Char-2 Cheese-_-Char-2
chefs chefs
Delicious Delicious
Desert Desert
Drago-Brother-Gearys Drago-Brother-Gearys
Drago-Brothers-About-Slider Drago-Brothers-About-Slider
Drago-Brothers-Gearys-Farm Drago-Brothers-Gearys-Farm
Drago-Brothers-Gearys-Farm-2 Drago-Brothers-Gearys-Farm-2
Drago-Brothers-Gearys-Farm-3 Drago-Brothers-Gearys-Farm-3
Drago-Brothers-Gearys-Food-Preparation Drago-Brothers-Gearys-Food-Preparation
Drago-Brothers-Lunch Drago-Brothers-Lunch
Drago-Events 2020 Drago-Events 2020
First-Course First-Course
Formal-Table-Setting Formal-Table-Setting
Fruit-Tart Fruit-Tart
Hors-D_Oeuvre Hors-D_Oeuvre
Hors-D_Oeuvre-4 Hors-D_Oeuvre-4
Hors-D_Oeuvre-5 Hors-D_Oeuvre-5
Hot-Buffet Hot-Buffet
Drago Events Host an Event Drago Events Host an Event
Panzanella-Salad-Martini Panzanella-Salad-Martini
Tray-Pass-Mini-Ahi-Tuna-Wonton-Taco Tray-Pass-Mini-Ahi-Tuna-Wonton-Taco
Tray-Pass-Setup Drago Events Tray-Pass-Setup Drago Events

Drago Events

Savor and enjoy the moment, starting with your vision. Drago Events will collaborate to create the perfect affair. With four innovative floors featuring more than 50,000 square feet of flexible indoor and outdoor event space. The Drago Brothers bring their award winning talents and legendary cuisine to The Petersen Automotive Museum.

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